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  • Want the experience of a lifetime in an inspiring setting?
  • Looking for high quality, accredited courses with teachers who truly care?
  • Prefer a healthy culture that supports a positive, mindful lifestyle?


About Health Institute Australia

“Ask the Aussies”



  • Featuring the benefits of studying at HIA on the Gold Coast of Queensland
  • Showcasing our students’ lifestyle and school culture
  • Discussing our Yoga and Ayurveda courses in-depth:-
    • Accreditations
    • Obtaining a student visa
    • Details about learning English as a second language (for those interested)
  • Answering all questions from students and student agents

Presented by Shanti Gowans and the HIA Team


About Shanti Gowans

Shanti GowansFounder, CEO and Admissions Director of Health Institute Australia; Founder and CEO of Shanti Yoga.

Born in India, Shanti completed her BA at the University of Mumbai and spent several years travelling around the world as a guest speaker. While on the speakers’ circuit, Shanti taught and lectured with Deepak Chopra in Sydney, Australia. Shanti also shared life-affirming, healthy practices with thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs which appeared on Australian national television for more than three years. As CEO of Health Institute Australia she has developed and refined course offerings with a true dedication and respect for the ancient and authentic science of yoga and Ayurveda.

Shanti developed Shanti Yoga when she first moved from India to Australia. In 1995, Shanti registered the educational faculty ’The Meditation Institute’ which later became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering accredited courses in Ayurveda and Yoga. In 2010 Shanti and the team decided to change the name to Health Institute Australia, broadening the scope of study options for students.

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