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There are too many wonderful things that can be said about studying with the Health Institute Australasia*, I will state the most important.

I did my Certificate IV Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant. It was a life-changing experience, there is no turning back for me now, studying under master Shanti Gowans and her experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate staff was a true honour.  I was treated as an individual, with professionalism, compassion and true dedication and respect for the ancient science of Ayurveda & Yoga.

They are advocates to this profound way of living, as I now understand, the way to living a long and healthy life. I would highly recommend studying any course offered by the Health Institute, the support and understanding, along with the knowledge, passion and love, you cannot find elsewhere. There are so many courses on offer, the question is ‘which one first’?

Life is a journey and to be guided on this beautiful journey you have a real living master Shanti Gowans, what more can one ask for, for those of us whose life she has touched, we are blessed, honoured and we are loved…

* Formerly Health Institute Australia

Tanya McFarlandCertificate IV Ayurveda
joana vale

It has been a great experience that I’ve been having during all this time at The Health Institute Australasia*. Everyone is very kind and polite and always available to help me the best way when I need.

The Wellness Centre is more than I expected with everything that I think I need to feel comfortable and inspired to study and practice. Now more than ever I’m focused in completing my course and go to Advance Diploma of Yoga!!! All this thanks to all the inspiring teachers there.

The support from all has been amazing!!! The way the course is driven, lectured and its contents is more than I would ever have expected!!! Thank you so much for letting me make part of it!


My experience at Nirvana Wellness Retreat I just have one word to define it… SPECTACULAR!!! It’s a little bit of heaven on earth for sure!!!

Definitely I expect that Shanti Yoga will grow much more not just in Australia but all over the world!!! It’s not just about Yoga but all the benefits of it that I’ve been feeling in the last 6 weeks. The improvement of Health and Well-being is what everyone wants to achieve in their life and with all the practices and learnings that are present at the Health Institute Australasia it is possible for sure!!! If I can help the Health Institute to grow somehow I will be more than happy to do it!!

Congratulations and thank you to all of those who make this Centre exist!!!!

I’m very excited to keep on going in this beautiful journey.

With love,
Joana Vale

* Health Institute Australasia was formerly Health Institute Australia

Joana ValeCertificate IV in Yoga Education

“I’ve been in Australia for 9 months and I found the Health Institute Australasia* and I connect with this. I feel that it’s my family in Australia.”

* Formerly Health Institute Australia

ValentinaInternational Yoga Student & Architectfrom Columbia

Certificate IV Yoga Students – Tia from Canada, Valentina from Columbia & Chloe from the Gold Coast. “The most beautiful part of this whole experience for me has been the journey within myself”.

Tia, Valentina & Chloe

(En Espanol) Testimonio de estudiante internacional de Yoga para el Instituto Australiano de salud

Testimonio de Valentina
Chloe Tenhave

“My first Shanti Yoga class was between the ages of 8-10.  Now as an adult, after returning to my classes after two years of overseas travel, I have found a inner bliss that has encompassed my being.

After my first class back with Shantiji, the flames were reignited. I just knew I had to study deeper into this way of life. I expressed my interest with Shantiji that same day and chances had it – the Cert IV in Yoga Education course was to start that same day. From that day I have not looked back; I see old patterns shifting. I am connecting into my breath and myself on a more frequent basis which has in return rippled throughout my everyday life in more ways then I can describe.”

Chloe TenhaveCertificate IV in Yoga Education, Diploma of Yoga Teaching
eddie rebehy

I have just returned from 10 Days [including 4 day Silence and detox] at Shanti’s Nirvana Wellness Retreat in Beachmont QLD. If you are looking to be pampered in five star resort style luxury with origami swan towels on your bed, then this place is not for you. If on the other hand, you would consider a comfortable and safe environment to explore a holistic approach to unconditioning then you have found the place to stop “doing” and simply “be”.

I must admit that when booking this, I was extremely anxious about the stillness, silence but most of all, going without my usual 10 shots of pure caffeine a day. I guess being anxious was one of the main reasons I decided to take the plunge and go. Controlled stress for me, like so many of us in today’s society, was becoming the norm. Until one day you find it harder to control that stress and it takes over in the form of frustration, anxiety or even physical ailments.

I describe the detox part of the retreat as an energy ‘sling shot’, it took a few days to pull back against the resistance of my caffeine withdrawals but then the energy just skyrocketed. Expect some good tasting vegetarian meals followed by foul tasting herbal medicine. Still, it was well worth it as I can honestly say; I have never felt more alive.

The Silence and Meditation on the other hand was much more profound. Sometimes ‘slowing down’ is like the inertia that opposes a decelerating moving body of mass. Any ‘change of pace’ is going to meet with a certain amount of resistance. The inevitable emptying of the mind over the course of this retreat allowed me to observe my own thought processes in a non-judgmental and curious way. I was able to recognize how the mind tries to fictionally predict scenarios for all sort of life’s little road bumps and triggers emotions that may not only ruin a day but potentially a week, month or even a lifetime. These faux “movie clips” in our head seem so real that we tend to think of them as “our lives”. The invented timelines grow little branches full of “what ifs” and all of a sudden we stop ourselves from living today and instead live a false future with constant uncertainty and fear. All because we believe the minds little tricks. Well…maybe not all of us:) But for many reading this, it may be sounding all too familiar.

I went into this retreat wanting to magically conjure up some detailed resolutions to perceived problems in my life and instead found out how to experience a ‘train of thought’ without necessarily being its passenger. I now decide which train to catch and which I will let just pass by.

Thank you Shanti, for an amazing experience.

Eddie Rebehy
Darren James, online Mindfulness course

Mindfulness Course

I got a lot from the online Mindfulness course and I’m happy to say I’ll be able to use these tools in day to day.

Darren JamesPersonal TrainerEvo Healing & Performance
Elisabeth Douglas

Weekend Yoga Retreat

Thank you Shanti and the team for such an excellent week-end at your beautiful Retreat.

I enjoyed the yoga classes, the breathing and meditation sessions and especially the discussion….the whole week end left me relaxed, resourced and definitely reconnected with myself. Thank you for reminding me of the important things in life, for the new ways of looking a certain situations and a renewed sense of well being at a very deep level.

The food was so nourishing, the swim at the waterfall and sharing the week end with participants from 9 different countries was such a bonus:)

Such an incredible mix of cultures, backgrounds, ages…all with a common goal of learning about themselves and live a rich life….the atmosphere of joy, peace and connection was amazing.

Elisabeth Douglas

Interview with students of Yoga Teacher Training: Mariliis from Estonia, Suellen and Julia from Brazil & Pria from Australia.

This 6-minute video was taken at the Nirvana Wellness Retreat, May 2017.

Mariliis, Suellen, Julia & Pria
Hilary Sullivan

A little gem

This Mindfulness course is such a little gem. In the West we never get taught about the value of the present moment, hence we live our lives in our head, thinking about the past and worrying about the future. As this course so brilliantly explains “our true home is the present moment”  and outlines simple, practical skills to keep us there. Highly recommend it for people wanting to tap into what Mindfulness is all about.

Hilary SullivanYoga and Ayurveda Teacher
Louise Hall

Key to Happiness

I really enjoyed the online Mindfulness course with HIA. It was really user-friendly and fun and I felt much more positive, present and “on track” after reading it.
The quiz at the end gave me a sense of satisfaction. There are many aspects of the course that I will go back to time and time again to remind myself that leading a mindful life is the key to happiness and fullfilment on a daily basis and also as life path.

Louise HallB.Ed Mus, L Mus A, Adv.Dip Yoga, Cert IV in Small BusinessArtistic Director, Theatre LOTE Fantastique
Jocelyn Thompson

A wonderful, wise e-book

A wonderful, wise e-book. I particularly enjoyed Mindfulness in Everyday Life, the Power of Purpose and the hover-and-click pictures revealing gems of wisdom like ‘make peace with imperfection’.

Jocelyn ThompsonArtist and Yoga TeacherBrisbane
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