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Yoga Graduate Outcomes

Many of our graduates have established yoga studios across Australia
Shanti Gowans, CEO of Health Institute Australia, has been providing world-standard yoga education in Australia for more than 40 years. Many of our trained yoga teachers have successfully established studios right across Australia.

Our Yoga Teacher Training courses have been conducted prior to accreditation since the mid 70’s and later became Government Accredited in May 2003. Our major clients are its graduates who are now teaching and running their own yoga centres Australia wide. As leaders in the yoga industry we work together towards ensuring the integrity of yoga and health, preserved and taught to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Demand for Yoga Teachers

Research shows that yoga can improve conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, breathing disorders, obesity, poor posture, panic attacks and inflammation, arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, diabetes, tension headaches, hypertension, insomnia and even prevent suicide. (Deaths by suicide have reached a 10 year peak according to Natural News).

The demand for and efficacy of yoga has been discussed by Howard Medical Research, the American Psychological Association, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and the Australian Medical Journal.

Graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training programs have been servicing government bodies, councils and local businesses as well as community groups since 2005. These private or group classes have provided much benefit to team members in the workplace, also to school groups and teachers, families and community members.

Yoga Graduate Outcomes in Australia

Listed below are some of the businesses where our graduates have started their own practice or have been employed as yoga teachers who completed the Health Institute Australia’s Yoga Teacher Training courses:

State Organisation
  • Southern Yoga and Health Centre
  • Yoga for Peace Studio
  • Cool, Calm and Collected Studio
  • Fitness First
  • Yoga Peace Studio
  • City Yoga Studio
  • Soul Therapy
  • Busy Bodies Yoga
  • Jocelyn Thompson Yoga
  • Fitness First
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Adjust Physiotherapy
  • The Marriot Hotel
  • The Australian Sports Commission
  • Private and Government schools
  • SeaFM radio
  • Griffith Uni
  • and even our own Shanti Yoga.
  • Office of National Assessments
  • NRMA


Providing job opportunities to Australians

Our Yoga Teacher Training course is already providing opportunities for paid employment in the business sector, and paid and mentoring opportunities in the education sector.

Fitness is an important part of the Australian culture

The demand for yoga specialists has doubled in the last year – Australian Sports Commission
With the Australian fitness industry expanding rapidly, the demand for yoga specialists has doubled in the last year (Australian Sports Commission). Fitness is an important part of the Australian culture and the Health Institute Australia’s Yoga Teacher Training course continues to provide staff to many business owners across Australia. The number of people practicing yoga in Australia has shot up astronomically in the last few years. As a result more gyms, health resorts, retreats and yoga schools require more teachers.

In addition to providing job opportunities, this course offers graduates the opportunity to go on to become mentors to other students and to become lecturers of this course. Our current teaching faculty have a very broad range of experience and have studied this course along with the TAE40110 course to develop their pathways to a fulfilling career of working in the health and fitness industry.

Yoga Teacher Training brings more International students to Australia for a healthy career path

The popularity of yoga has become world-wide. The Health Institute Australia’s Yoga courses are ASQA’s only accredited yoga course that is also CRICOS approved for international students. The unsurpassed authentic quality of course content provides the benchmark for all other yoga courses.

International students strongly recognise the credibility given to an Australian Accredited qualification. Several of our current students are developing skills and knowledge to take back to their own country with the intention of opening yoga studios.

Our Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching course aims to provide quality, accredited, professional yoga teacher training and continuing professional training for yoga teachers in the community and world wide.

Why study with an accredited provider?

Fitness and Yoga Instructors

Unqualified freelance yoga instructors run a risk of injury to their clients
The fitness and yoga thread is a perfect example. World-wide there are too many unregulated, unqualified freelance yoga instructors who run a risk of injury to their clients. Whilst we all want to be fit and healthy, it is important to do it safely as well, hence the imperative need for fully qualified instructors within the industry.

According to Stephen Penman of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA), dedicated yoga schools provide a level of quality, experience and service you can’t get elsewhere.

An untrained teacher is a very serious matter – June Jones, Elixr Health ClubsJune Jones, yoga director at Elixr Health Clubs, says: ‘I look for at least 10 years of yoga experience from my instructors and check their certification comes from a recognised school… An untrained teacher is a very serious matter because of the potential harm he or she could inflict on the inexperienced student.’

The Health Institute Australia’s Diploma of Yoga Teaching is currently leading the industry with quality, high standard training to equip the yoga teacher with skills as a leading professional within the yoga and wellness industry.

The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is the most in-depth yoga course in Australia. At 1800 hours it is the highest qualification students can obtain not only in Australia, but the world.

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